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Dear Friends and Colleagues,


for many years, the Russian community of financiers has been forming as an expert environment with its own traditions, internal rules, ethics and culture of communication that has developed during the different historical periods of our country. It is the environment of highly competent people who have influence on the society and are widely respected.


Professional Community "Finnovacia" strives to preserve and increase unique experience, knowledge and traditions.

Professional Community "Finnovacia" was born relatively recently, but we are convinced that its creation became an important event: since the first day of creation the organization has been capable to set a high goal - to consolidate the Russian professional community of all financial institutions specialists.


Our community works as a single area, where the financial industry experts held discussions and exchanged experiences on solving urgent problems and problems in the industry, as well as the development of new system approaches for the effective functioning of financial institutions and their counterparties.

Professional community Finnovacia unites leading Russian experts of the financial industry
Community members are the financial market professionals (individuals), people with an active lifestyle
Our community is open, voluntary, non-profit
Despite it is relatively young, our community combines many specialists of different profiles of financial institutions to solve a wide range of urgent tasks
Finnovacia will be a convenient and effective platform for consolidating the efforts of the professional community for you
We are interested in involving active, educated and motivated people to our activities
We strive to preserve and increase the experience, knowledge and traditions
You can extend your circle of professional contacts, demonstrate knowledge and experience in the discussion of the urgent and long-term problems of the financial industry and development issues, take the initiative
Take part in the discussion and elaboration of existing initiatives and projects related to improving the efficiency and transparency of the industry today, as well as innovative projects for tomorrow.
Involvement of professional experience, competencies and ambitions of the community members to improve the quality of financial institutions operations and their coordination with the government, aimed at enhancing the well-being of citizens
Unified platform for addressing systemic issues of effective functioning of financial institutions and organization of interaction with major actors FINANCIAL SECTOR - CONSUMER - GOVERNMENT
Provide opportunities for regular communication and exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge on topical issues in the financial industry
Comprehensive assistance to forming of the interaction of financial institutions and public authorities
Exploring the best domestic and international practices and experiences, promoting their adaptation and implementation in the Russian Federation
Creation of a methodological center for financial institutions on the basis of the Finnovacia
Elaboration of new cross-product and effective interaction zone at the junction of the activities of different types of financial institutions
Proposals for the participation of financial institutions in a variety of industrial and social projects
Facilitate the establishment and support in finance educational programs
Extended meeting 07.06.2016 It will be the first extended meeting of the PC "FINNOVACIA" cycle with representatives of the financial industry (projects, initiatives, industry needs)
Participation in the working group meeting 23.05.2016 There will be another meeting of the working group of the PC "FINNOVACIA" on coordination of the development of the "Agregator MSP" project
Working group meeting 12.05.2016 There will be another meeting of the working group of the PC "FINNOVACIA" on coordination of the development of the project "National industry platform for increasing the level of employment of the financial industry specialists"

B2B financial proceeds exchange based on the principles of Blockchain and Uber-economy

Creation of «Aggregator MSP»

Creation of the Interbank identification complex «Podpis.RF»


Professional community Finnovacia welcomes cooperation with the media on issues related to our professional field of activity.

We are ready quickly to:
  • — comment and give opinions on the events of the industry;
  • — to act as experts and speakers;
  • — to share our data on the tendencies and trends;
  • — to provide experts for an interview.
The first expanded session of the professional community «Finnovacia» was held on June 7 at the Ledokol platform.